What happens when a heavy music frontman goes to Iraq? He comes back and creates a sonic movement that gives a voice to anyone who has experienced adversity. And that happens to be everyone. Weapon-X represents the underdog in a tough world and a changing music industry.

All of the usual ingredients are there: intense vocals, big riffs, huge drums, thunderous bass, an overall sense of aggressiveness…but what Weapon-X is rebelling against goes deeper than your average heavy band. The Band is not in it to throw a middle finger in the air to everyone and everything. Weapon-X’s musicianship and well-crafted songs will serve as a vessel for positive change.

Guitarist and Vocalist, Dan Clor, formed Weapon-X after serving in Iraq as a Marine. He had spent five years as the frontman in D-ZL, a Western, NY heavy band, and was ready for LA. Clor is a visionary and wants to create an outlet for the underdogs and troops alike.

Weapon-X Lineup

Dan Clor | Vocals, Guitar
Bill Scott | Guitar
Jesus Rauda | Bass
David Thueson | Drums
Ryan Whyman | Keys
Ben Clor | Backing Vocals





Our Live Beastie Boys cover at the Viper Room! Click the link to check it out.

We're looking to hire a Drummer for these tour dates! Paid Gig. Contact us for details.

Weapon-X "Mission In The Southwest Tour" Press Release.

Our Drummer David Thueson tracking the drums for "Viking Chug" in the studio.

Our newest album on I Tunes. Please click the link to listen....

Our newest album on I-Tunes!

Check us out on Spotify!

Weapon-X "Viking Chug"

Weapon-X "Ace of Spades" Cover! Viper Room in Los Angeles.

Jake Young and James Burnley. Weapon-X will be performing at the Marine Corps Ball and Veterans Day with The...

Friends who are interested in any of our American Warrior concerts/festivals in CA, NY and Texas please read....

My Weapon-X flask. One of my favorite gifts from my bro Kyle Knox!

Brand new song, unreleased. Still some more lyrics to work out and add but this one is almost done! Check it out...

Live in Vegas! See you on Oct 6, 2018 Las Vegas.

Weapon-X on Apple Music! We have our "Underdogs" and "Mission" EP's as well as some singles available. Please...

We're going to be teaming up with The Whyman Project at the American Warrior Music and Film Festival in...

We really dig this guys drumming! What do you think Weapon-X family?...

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Weapon-X updated their cover photo.Saturday, April 7th, 2018 at 5:28pm
Weapon-XFriday, April 6th, 2018 at 3:23pm
Drummer Needed! Paid gig

We're hiring a drummer for a two week tour through the Southwest. We rehearse in Los Angeles. Please share this post with your drummer friends/family.

Our 2018 Southwest tour dates. Venues and more details to come soon!

Monday Sep 24 Phoenix
Tuesday Sep 25 Tucson
Wednesday Sep 26 El Paso
Friday Sep 28 San Antonio- Fitzgerald's Bar & Live Music
Saturday Sep 29 Austin- Hanovers Draught Haus
Sunday Sep 30 Austin Open Jam/Football Party/BBQ at Texas Music Ranch
Monday Oct 1 Dallas
Tuesday Oct 2 Oklahoma City
Thursday Oct 4 Albuquerque
Friday Oct 5 Flagstaff
Saturday Oct 6 Las Vegas
Weapon-XThursday, April 5th, 2018 at 7:13pm



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